Beloved Herald readers,

Welcome back to another long-awaited issue. It’s only been a week since we last spoke (why don’t you call?)––but the past seven days have been long, hot, and full of vaguely threatening emails from the registrar. We think it’s time for a break. So sit back in your university-issued furniture (or lack thereof), take a swig of that room-temperature Brita water, and enjoy.

Our second issue showcases a variety of place-based creative work. Daniel Blokh (TD ‘23.5) reviews Kurt Kolev’s (PM ‘23) new album Рамония (Ramonia), which delves into the musician’s relationship to home––and to Bulgarian disco––while Hannah Szabó (PM ‘25) and Madelyn Dawson (SM ‘25) interview the founders of the popular local  zine Connectic*nt. And in this week’s Voices section, Kayla Yup (PC ‘25) imagines the inner world of a passerby carrying a table across campus.

Before you clicked on this page, it was just a jumble of code floating in the lonely void of the internet (we don’t know, we’re not STEM majors). Now you’ve read our beautiful words. Look how far you’ve come, even this early in the semester. There’s no telling what you’ll do next, but maybe start with putting that Brita in the fridge. 

Lovingly (No seriously, call <3),

Cathryn, Madeleine, and Sarah

Voices Editors

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