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Transfer of Power

If you walk down Prospect Street at dusk and look west past Grove Street Cemetery, you’ll see large clouds of steam, backlit by the


…and i think i’ll tally the days in orange light… …in the sunset i peered at through the horizontal lines in the rear window

Existential Nihilism: Now Cool

A recent poll conducted by the Yale Daily News definitively concludes the following two findings: Most Yalies now believe life is inherently meaningless. God

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A Mini Guide To Our Kind Of Sustainable Fashion

There is no one ‘sustainability’ in fashion—there are many different paths to it, and they are not all inclusive or efficient. Sure, plastic straws are bad for the environment, but they’re also

Godzilla vs. Kong: Fun only when Dumb

If you’ve existed on earth for the past year and a half, a reminder of nature’s unstoppable force most likely isn’t something you look for in your late-night media escape. But when

The Climate Issue

Transfer of Power Fronts by Kapp Singer New Haven Youth Climate Organizers Speak Out Opinion by Yale Herald Letter from the Editors, Climate Issue Letter from the Editors by Yale Herald Harold

A Half-Step in the Right Direction

Last week, Yale’s Committee on Fossil Fuel Investment Principles released its recommendations. In this document, members of the Yale administration finally acknowledge that climate change is a grave social harm, and that

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