Selling High Street

“A city is measured by the character of its institutions. The street is one of its first institutions. Today these institutions are on trial,” declared architect Louis Kahn in a 1971 address

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Mother of Seven

There’s a photo from June 13, 2003 that I can’t stop looking at. Two days after my first birthday, my parents had taken me

Roast Your Friends

Roasting is an art. It takes skill to come up with a witty one-liner jab that is equally funny and not too mean. If

Flash Reviews: UR MOM

A group of pithy, sincere, and scathing flash reviews from some friendly faces on campus. Patrick Kho (DC ’24, Herald staff)Has seven (7) kids.

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April 30th, 2023 (Mommy Issue)

Netflix’s Beef is Overcooked Reviews by Margaret Sun Calendar (April 30th, 2023) Uncategorized by Yale Herald The Bolshevik Babushka Arts by Danya Blokh Shared Spaces Arts by Anna Kaloustian Mommy Culture by

Mommy’s Favorite Movies

That Hamilton Woman (1941)  A beautiful and devastating film starring a still-married Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier. Like many historical dramas, it could just be a Wikipedia article.  War and Peace (1966) 

Netflix’s Beef is Overcooked

Opening with a road rage incident between Amy Lau’s (Ali Wong) white SUV and Danny Cho’s (Steven Yeun) ragged truck, the new A24-Netflix show urges its audience to cry out, “It’s so

The Bolshevik Babushka 

Eastern Blokh is a monthly column by Danya Blokh about Eastern European art and culture. Nothing about Pelageya’s appearance in Mother (1926) suggests she is a revolutionary. Played by a stooped, gray-haired,

Shared Spaces

Who knew that love could spark among two chairs trapped between towering bookshelves, set to a violin’s enchanting melody?  Thanks to the wonders of stop motion, Filip Birkner (MFA ’23) makes this


Near the end of spring break, I sat down in my childhood bedroom to complete an interview for a summer internship. Upon picking up the call, I paid no mind to the

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