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March 5th, 2021

Bad Texter Inserts by Zoe Larkin Demystifying “Hard” Science Sci+Tech by Neal Sarin rats Inserts by Hilary Griggs Mended Tombstones Culture by Leo Egger Talking to Me? Culture by Zachary Groz Where’s

I Gotta Find Peace of Mind

Herald Arts Editor Nyeda Regina Stewart, PC ’22, sat down—on Zoom, of course—to talk with her friend Leila Jackson, SY ’22, about her experience as a writer at Yale. The conversation covered

Where’s the Finish Line?

Last week, all sections of Arabic 120 were required to attend a speaker event in place of class. The speaker, an Arabic scholar and translator, had spent more than thirty years with

Best Games to Play During Your Zoom Lecture

The only thing that has stuck with me from AP Computer Science A—my first and last foray into computer science—is my CS teacher’s lecture that “college is going to be different” and

Harold Recommends, 3.5.2021

РИШАД ШАФИ & “Гунеш” (Голубой огонёк 1984г.) – Russian jazz fusion that will make you smile and miss the days of live concerts Kerwin Frost Talks To Mac Demarco – fashion king

Demystifying “Hard” Science

“Whereas the morula comprises a few dozen cells, the blastocyst will come to encompass hundreds of cells.”  When the common reader encounters a sentence like the one above, we are likely to

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