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Top Five Places to Take Baths at Yale

Everytime I step Barney-purple shower shoes-first into my entryway shower, I wish I were tits-deep in the ocean. Sometimes all we need to re-inspire

Future Nostalgia

“You want a timeless song, I wanna change the game. Like modern architecture, John Lautner coming your way.”

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The Geese Will Return

Sitting on a lake in the center of an eastern Montana plain, you would think their approach would be obvious: “Just keep your eye out for a giant flock of birds,” my

Memeing through the Apocalypse

These days it is hard to look anywhere without seeing COVID-19. Our fixation is justifiable. Hospitals are overwhelmed, over four billion people live under stay-home orders, and projections remain dire. A superabundance

Time to Create

It’s too bad I like words.I find myself staringat this page-screentrying to achieve lexical beautyto Shakespearize my modern qualmsto romanticise my digital worldto capture the Dickensian complexity of mysuburban upbringing,but words fail sometimes.They

Making Up Lost Time

Standing on the platform in Emeryville waiting to board the California Zephyr at its origin station, we heard a crackling intercom announcement telling us that our train would be arriving forty-five minutes

Harold Recommends, 2/28

1.  Schmear & Loathing in Lox Vegas from Book Trader A midterm guilty pleasure with a fantastically crafted name! 2.  The Boring Talks by BBC Sounds A cute little podcast filled with

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