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Bach Fest

My parents and I share everything, including a fervent love for Bach. From midnight on December 14th to midnight on New Year’s Day, WKCR,

Halloween Costume Predictions 2021

It’s that time of the year again. Pumpkins line the porches of New Haven, cobwebs grace the railings of stairs, and a delicious feeling

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Points of Pressure

Right after I texted my friend that my life was in utter collapse, I had my first night out at Woads. To define “utter collapse”: I had an unfinished reading, an unchecked

Letter from the Editors, 10/8

Hey Herald readers,  The chill is in the air, the leaves are turning red, and the candy is on the shelves at Walgreens. Those kids in your lecture are still coughing, but

Waltzing Solo: On Being a Twinless Twin

Eye to eye, we use our twin telepathy to motion the start of a four-beat foot-tapping sequence: one-two-three-four. Together, pausing for a synchronized deep breath, we watch the waves of velvet part,

On Going Back to the Party

The power dynamics at play during a frat party are nauseating and familiar. Fraternity brothers control entrance to high-status parties and access to alcohol, which gives them significant influence over underage students

Is Literature Dead?

Take a gander around my dorm room and you’ll see an RBG bobblehead, empty Jose Cuervo bottles, a poster with a Desmond Tutu quote, a Saybrook mug (with an old tea bag—thanks,

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