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Last Night was So-So

Every time someone has asked about my feelings on Last Night in Soho, I’ve given a different answer. It’s a touchy subject. I fell

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Writing Across Asymmetries

Why does Twitter hate American Dirt?  Macmillan Publishers released Jeanine Cummings’ fourth novel with every advantage an author could hope for: a seven-figure advance, an endorsement from Oprah’s Book Club, positive blurbs


I awake immobile.Make any move and the world will fall apart,Along with all the schemas we devised;An insatiable heart, not my own,batters my insides, leads revolutions.An existence between blink and breath,A mind

The Universe

The lake is a Universe on some days. The grass and the water coated gently with the gauze of the sun which, touching the living things that hum around it, comes alive.The ferns sway

The Herald Takes on Love

Valentines Day is about love, but what does that mean? What does any of this mean? This week, the Herald staff tried to figure it out 200 words at a time. From

A Sobering Distraction

Seated in the center of the second row at the Yale Repertory Theatre, I glanced around, finding myself amidst a crowd chiefly composed of elderly, white adults clad in tweed suits and

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