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Last Night was So-So

Every time someone has asked about my feelings on Last Night in Soho, I’ve given a different answer. It’s a touchy subject. I fell

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Profile of a Gallery Guide

“Describe the shape of this object,” Sam asks to prompt discussion. “What do these shapes remind you of? What do they look like?” The African Art Gallery glowed with the meek light


Harold Recommends (2/14/20)

Feast of Saint Valentine Celebrate Saint Valentinus by shopping for candy at Walgreens the night before A New Dawn [HOA007] — AceMoMa, AceMo & MoMa Ready ♫ The Brooklyn DJ collective brings

Finding a Formal Date for my Suitemate

Hey Facebook! Calling all Yale men: are you an eligible bachelor looking for the *perfect* date to first year formal? Stop looking right now. Please go with my suitemate. Please.  Pros:  Super

Jeremy’s Dating Profile

What’s up, ladieeeeeeees? The name’s Jeremy and I’d love to kiss you. No worries if you don’t want to, though. We could also just turn on some Netflix and hug. I love

Hot Topics in Love with Jennifer Hirsch

If you are a Yale student who survived shopping period this spring, chances are that PSYC 126: “Attraction and Relationships” was on your worksheet. Over 400 students packed into WLH 201 — a

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