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Bach Fest

My parents and I share everything, including a fervent love for Bach. From midnight on December 14th to midnight on New Year’s Day, WKCR,

Halloween Costume Predictions 2021

It’s that time of the year again. Pumpkins line the porches of New Haven, cobwebs grace the railings of stairs, and a delicious feeling

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I Love Crocs

I fell in love with crocodiles in third grade. Our big assignment that year was a presentation to our classmates and their parents about an animal. Crocodiles scared me at the time,

There Existed An Addiction to Blood

On the track, “Blood of the Fang,”—the song whose chorus gives There Existed an Addiction to Blood its name—Daveed Diggs (of Hamilton fame) raps, “It doesn’t mean a thing because that body

Elegy for Alana

I call Mami everydayafter class and she gives me the rundown:work was fine, but some of her studentsare lazy and annoying,dad is working late, and they might go out this weekend,some chisme here

Breakfast Gone Masc

I go home to San Diego, Calif., only twice during the academic year: winter break and spring break. Though I always look forward to spending time with the sacred home-from-college triad of

Joyful Mountain Landscape (After Paul Klee)

fishbone tree and orange yardthis old sea is growing hardsun is yawning tired of daypurple awning fades to gray stream is passing through the woodsmustard grass and stubborn mudpeople laughing in its

Eccentric Fare

All-nighters fall into one of two categories: either they are worth it, or they are not. Usually, they are not. Any sense of accomplishment feels spare and juvenile when one considers the

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