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Dawn of Gastronomy

Modern trends in food can make good eating seem like a recent invention, and often one reserved for flouncy people who go to hotel lobbies to eat lunch. But it isn’t. Food,

Harold Recommends

And By And By: an art installation by the Herald’s own Leo Egger “on seeing and being seen” (Trumbull Gallery, Nov. 12-17, 2021; opens 6-9 PM): they’re woodblock prints and paintings! What

You Can’t Domesticate its Wild Plot

What are you? Based on your poster, some sort of television drama. The font is red, menacing, but the faces are familiar. I see Penn Badgley, who portrayed Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey

A24’s Lamb and the Limits of Non-Human Horror

In the near-decade since its inception, film production studio A24 has churned out everything from timely biopics (Amy) to dramas dripping with Oscar noms (Moonlight, Lady Bird). But recent years have seen

(be)coming Home: an October break story

Around noon on the Wednesday of October break, I stepped into Grand Central Station for the first time, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ultimately terrified. Fortunately for my pounding heart, my roommate (a

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