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Last Night was So-So

Every time someone has asked about my feelings on Last Night in Soho, I’ve given a different answer. It’s a touchy subject. I fell

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Here for the Jazz

A few weeks back, I spent a Friday night on the third floor of the Institute Library, Connecticut’s oldest private circulating library, drinking beers and listening to jazz LPs with a couple

Out of Tune

I am leaving to find the last jazz standard where you left it for me as a gift,to hold it like an hourglassand listen to the notes drop outuntil my hands are

The Man in Me

In the hot kitchen summer I eat lunch and Lesbian Jen turns on the radio. It is post-high school pre-everything with flies buzzing around the pastries. I am sitting at the counter


I never knew I could be so unkind. Even now, seeing the bodymove in on itself,slow slink, shouldersstealing small breathsabove the high grassrustling with hunger,I ripplewith doubt. Times like these,there is always

The Savanna Stares Back

I don’t really consider myself a scientist. The word always seemed too heavy and formal for me: filled with too many connotations of cold, hard logic, and objectivity—people in white lab coats


Upon my most recent visit to Rudolph Hall, I visited the “garden—pleasure” exhibition. Although the exhibition is run by graduate students in the Yale School of Architecture, it is a collaborative work

January 31st, 2020

January 31st, 2020 Notebooks Filled, Ghosts Unburdened Fronts by Macrina Wang We cleared out our gong gong’s room over winter break. My grandma had already stripped the bed: hollowed it out and

Louisa Alcott: The Fifth Little Woman

Given how often I reread Little Women, it’s surprising that I’d seen none of the film adaptations until Greta Gerwig released hers last Christmas. For those less familiar with the world of

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