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October 29, 2021

Letter from the Editors 10/29 Letter from the Editors by Yale Herald Blocklist, 10/29 Uncategorized by Yale Herald In Defense of Divestment Opinion by Josie Steuer Ingall The Halloween Hierarchy Reviews by

Letter from the Editors 10/29

Our Beloved and Be-spooked Herald Readers, Spooky season hath cometh, and you know what that means? Pre-game, Hallowoads, bus, club, another club, plane, YSO, next place, Rocky Horror, no sleep…it means dressing

Hallowoads Experiences

The Herald documents firsthand experiences at what is commonly known as “Hallowoads,” accompanied by photographs from the event.  “I arrived at the Toad’s entrance to find a sea of restless, mostly inebriated Yalies discussing


Damien Hirst Loves Death and Hates Good Art

Some artists die penniless, unaware that their art will one day be lauded in hallowed institutions and revered by all. Van Gogh, as we all know, died pitifully broke and by all

In Defense of Divestment

This week, Bill McKibben, an environmental studies professor at Middlebury College and a founder of the international climate action network 350.org, contributed a piece to the New York Times on the subject

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