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We’re starting with this month, because that’s what Cosmopolitan does. So first: SCORPIO You’re like a scorpion. Kids are really scared of you. In fact, you give them nightmares. Don’t worry though — this

Spiritual (Gangster) But Not Religious

Last month, I finally gave in to a bombardment of Facebook ads and ordered my first top from the brand Spiritual Gangster: a black, oversized long-sleeve with the words “we are all

Lady Lager

Nestled at the end of Whalley Ave., about two miles from Yale’s campus, is a dance studio bursting with rhythm and life. On most nights you can find Alisa Bowens-Mercado, the owner

Nude or Naked: June Leaf’s Reclining Nude

The longer you stare at June Leaf’s Reclining Nude, the more figures start to crawl out at you. In the Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG), its 64-by-110 inch canvas is a dark shadow

Their Gardens Are Full And Prosperous

The monarchs arrive late this year to lay their young upon the milkweed. If you had been sitting out on the porch that day at noontime, you would have been able to