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Harold Recommends (2/7/20)

1.   Good Days — Sweatson Klank  ♫ Delicious, genre-transcendent LA beats with groovy yellow cover art 2.   Shubh Saran Live at the Saybrook Underbrook  ♫ Hosted by the Undergraduate Jazz Collective, the

Artist Talks: David Zheng

This week, the Yale Herald sat down with David Zheng, GH ’22, an undergraduate artist who recreates oil paintings of Old Masters and creates 3D-printed replicas of ancient artifacts that he uses

Editorial: The Time for Divestment is Now

Last Saturday, Nov. 23, dozens of our fellow students sat at the 50-yard line of the Yale Bowl, risking arrest to demand that the administrations of both universities divest from the fossil

The Herald’s Top Ten TV Shows of the Decade

1. Glee Formative, but problematic — just like our parents. 2. Fleabag Fake intellectual television. 3. Jane the Virgin REAL intellectual television. 4. All Vines. 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. 5. Shake

Artist’s Portrait: Krystal DiFronzo

This week, the Herald talked to painting student Krysal DiFronzo, ART ’20, about how she navigates her process, research, and imagery. Yale Herald: When we spoke earlier you pretty readily identified the occult as a