Harold Recommends: 1/24/20

Jaime — Brittany Howard (2019) ♫  The former Alabama Shakes frontwoman gives us a musically warm, Southern hug. “Parasite” — Boon Joon-ho (2019) Total Oscar snub for sure—a witty visual masterpiece for those smart enough to read subtitles. “Uncut Gems”

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Harold Recommends 2/21

1. Yale Symphony Orchestra’s Heavenly Bodies Enjoy the YSO this Sat., Feb. 22, at 7:30 p.m. as they perform a sinfonia by rockstar New York composer Missy Mazzoli. 2. Noah Dillon Catch

Festina Lente

On Valentine’s Day 2020, Aussie multi-instrumentalist and mastermind Kevin Parker’s psych-rock project, Tame Impala, released their fourth studio album. It’s titled The Slow Rush, and I politely ask that you pause your

The Heart of Theater Is Rhythm

littleboy/littleman, written and conceived by Rudi Goblen, YSD ’22, follows the lives of two Nicaraguan brothers, Fito and Bastian, as they try to make sense of their Latino identity while learning to

A Sobering Distraction

Seated in the center of the second row at the Yale Repertory Theatre, I glanced around, finding myself amidst a crowd chiefly composed of elderly, white adults clad in tweed suits and

Harold Recommends (2/14/20)

Feast of Saint Valentine Celebrate Saint Valentinus by shopping for candy at Walgreens the night before A New Dawn [HOA007] — AceMoMa, AceMo & MoMa Ready ♫ The Brooklyn DJ collective brings

Meditations on Lush

It’s 5 p.m. on the dot, but already the line outside 150 York Street curves around the side of the building and flows onto the street. Every now and then a car

Harold Recommends (2/7/20)

1.   Good Days — Sweatson Klank  ♫ Delicious, genre-transcendent LA beats with groovy yellow cover art 2.   Shubh Saran Live at the Saybrook Underbrook  ♫ Hosted by the Undergraduate Jazz Collective, the

The Real Oscar Picks

1.   Atlantics — Dir. Mati DiopBased on her short film of the same name, Mati Diop’s Dakarian portrait follows Ada, a young woman on the eve of her arranged marriage, vying for

Louisa Alcott: The Fifth Little Woman

Given how often I reread Little Women, it’s surprising that I’d seen none of the film adaptations until Greta Gerwig released hers last Christmas. For those less familiar with the world of

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