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Harold Recommends, 2/28

1.  Schmear & Loathing in Lox Vegas from Book Trader A midterm guilty pleasure with a fantastically crafted name! 2.  The Boring Talks by BBC Sounds A cute little podcast filled with mini lectures that push you to enjoy the

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Angel Olsen’s “All Mirrors:” Shadow and Light

In All Mirrors, night falls on Angel Olsen’s universe. The album is a seductive invitation to the shadowy, chrome world of the nocturnal, and—against the darkness—Olsen glitters. It’s cool, it’s so cool;

The Herald’s Top Ten TV Shows of the Decade

1. Glee Formative, but problematic — just like our parents. 2. Fleabag Fake intellectual television. 3. Jane the Virgin REAL intellectual television. 4. All Vines. 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. 5. Shake

The New Kid On The Hill

On Nov. 1, KBT Café closed forever. R.I.P. The little café sat at the base of Kline Biology Tower (KBT) with refreshing views of Science Hill. It will forever be remembered as

Superstition Mission

This week, the Herald asked writers to embark on a day of purposefully breaking superstitions and recording what transpired. Though no one convinced a bird to poop on them or rubbed their face against a

Lou Reed: The Man, the Mirror, the Music

I first heard Lou Reed’s music in a Johnny Rockets. I was nine or ten, inhaling an Oreo milkshake, when the warm bassline of “Walk on the Wild Side” crackled over the


To hip-hop purists: Stop Trying to Be God. Is he a traditionalist? No. Did he move 537,000 albums in a week? Yes. Was it his first №1? No, but he’s two for