Missed Connections


New York City Missed Connections  Harvey’s Bagels — Saturday, Jan 31   You were the girl ordering a bagel with lox and cream cheese—simple. I was the guy ordering a bagel with bacon, egg, cheese, sub bacon and cheese and adding avocado and tomato, actually just a side of avocado and tomato… I’ll have it without

A Mini Guide To Our Kind Of Sustainable Fashion


There is no one ‘sustainability’ in fashion—there are many different paths to it, and they are not all inclusive or efficient. Sure, plastic straws are bad for the environment, but they’re also necessary to make drinks accessible to some communities; policing an individual’s usage of a single plastic straw is not a solution to the

Smiley Bitch Goes Zero Waste


Godzilla vs. Kong: Fun only when Dumb


If you’ve existed on earth for the past year and a half, a reminder of nature’s unstoppable force most likely isn’t something you look for in your late-night media escape. But when “nature” is represented as a bipedal reptile and an overgrown (and over-humanized) gorilla, the existentialism may just be curtailed. Godzilla vs. Kong succeeds

The Climate Issue


Transfer of Power Fronts by Kapp Singer New Haven Youth Climate Organizers Speak Out Opinion by Yale Herald Letter from the Editors, Climate Issue Letter from the Editors by Yale Herald Harold Recommends, Earth Day Special Reviews by Yale Herald Yale’s Lurking Greenhouse Gas Problem Sci+Tech by Tilden Chao The Way Home Voices by Kat

Letter from the Editors, Climate Issue


Dear readers, The world is melting, friends. But also freezing. And in other places, burning. And in others flooding. There’s too much plastic here. Not enough there. There are too many of the wrong types of plants and too few of the right ones. There’s too much almond milk. But then again there’s too much

Transfer of Power


If you walk down Prospect Street at dusk and look west past Grove Street Cemetery, you’ll see large clouds of steam, backlit by the orange sun, billowing from two exhaust stacks sheathed in a gothic façade. When I first noticed these plumes during my first year, I thought a building was burning far in the

An Interview with Poet and Environmental Educator Ashia Ajani


Ashia Ajani, YSE ’21, TD ’19, is a poet and environmental educator whose work centers queer and Black stories. Their writing has been published in them, Frontier Poetry, and the Hopper Magazine. Nyeda Regina Stewart: Thank you so much for being willing to do this. I’ve been thinking a lot about how capitalism, imperialism, and

A Half-Step in the Right Direction


Last week, Yale’s Committee on Fossil Fuel Investment Principles released its recommendations. In this document, members of the Yale administration finally acknowledge that climate change is a grave social harm, and that fossil fuel companies—the companies that extract fossil fuels from the earth, market them to consumers, and shape public policy behind the scenes to

National Parks and Cultural Salience


It is a rare and beautiful thing to witness someone else’s love. On the beaches of Olympic National Park, wrapped in fog and surrounded by the dying sun’s orange glow, two strangers played near the ocean’s edge. From the distance at which we sat, their silhouettes were stark against the horizon; they reached for each

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