The Blocklist (9/18/20)


September, 18th, 2020


Dumpster Fire: Waste in the Time of COVID-19 Fronts The Fountain of Our Power, the Future of Our Worlds Opinion on the way Voices Anthems from an Apocalypse Reviews A Talk with The Neo Collective, Yale’s First Black Arts Collective Arts Of Modern Epics and Diversions Culture Anthropomorphism and the Human-Animal Schism Sci+Tech Britt’s Tidbits:

A Talk with The Neo Collective, Yale’s First Black Arts Collective


The Neo Collective is the name we gave to the Black Arts Collective that will run for Black Yale and New Haven Artists. The goal of our collective is to encourage art as a community endeavor. We, at the Neo Collective believe that Black Art and Black Narratives should be plentiful. How did this Collective

Theater in the Zoom Era with Cleopatra Mavhunga


Cleopatra Mavhunga, TD ’23, is an actress and director. She is a rising junior in Timothy Dwight College and a Theater & Performance Studies and English double major. Currently, Mavhunga is directing Kore, a play written and produced by KG Montes, GH ’22. It is an original retelling of the Persephone myth with an exploration

Anthems from an Apocalypse


When a friend tells you that they love Phoebe Bridgers, the right thing to ask is, “Have you tried therapy instead?”         I’m joking. Well, kind of. Such is the devastatingly intimate nature of a Phoebe Bridgers song. One moment, Bridgers will sing about a day off tour spent roaming around Japan and the next she’ll

on the way


we were moving the highway rushed before us in a great swellcar conversation churning slowly with future voicesechoing softly from the cracks between the seats and the undersides of the headrests and the fingerprints on the windowpanestalk of rippling traffic morphing into greetings of arrivalof faces blurred beneath smudged surfacestwo way mirrors in the pavementfaceless profiles of

Of Modern Epics and Diversions


I’m back home, where the mood is reminiscent of high-school senior spring and the theme is escapism—anything to catch a breath from the world’s cruel drama. Lately I’ve been biking to the waterfront to skip stones, a favorite summer pastime, down in the Shippan Point section of Stamford, CT. Shippan’s a small peninsula at the

The Fountain of Our Power, the Future of Our Worlds


We are walking forward into a new decade. What few steps Americans have taken thus far have brought sobering realities to light: a corrupt system unprepared for a pandemic, the sharpening effects of global climate change, and the ways chattel slavery has evolved purposefully and insidiously over time to silence, trap, and murder. But none

Harper’s Dilemma


The forces of illiberalism are at work. Our ability to organize, discourse, and engage is threatened. The cresting wave of neoliberalism crashes toward right-wing authoritarianism in places as diverse as Hungary, Brazil, Israel, the United States, and India. This summer, the President of the United States threatened to turn the weapons of war on Americans

Of Cats and Men


Potential pull out quote (if needed):  But for the first time in months it finally sunk in that some part of me—in this case, this flabby, wobbling tiny part of me—could suffer more than fever and cough, viral or senescent. It was in the late summer, when the nights were getting cool and the count

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