Missed Connections


New York City Missed Connections  Harvey’s Bagels — Saturday, Jan 31   You were the girl ordering a bagel with lox and cream cheese—simple. I was the guy ordering a bagel with bacon, egg, cheese, sub bacon and cheese and adding avocado and tomato, actually just a side of avocado and tomato… I’ll have it without

December 3, 2021


Spencer: The Best Psychological Horror of 2021 Reviews by Adhya Beesam Red (Taylor’s Version) and the Art of Hindsight Reviews by Jessica Liu 24 Doors to Christmas Culture by Sophia Stumpf The Yale Aesthetic Culture by Yale Herald Ode to The Big Country Arts by Yale Herald Swifties: Connection and Obsession Culture by Audrey Bernstein

Letter from the Editors


Dear reader,  We hope this letter finds you well given the circumstances — what a crazy world we live in! Hope your Thanksgiving break was restful and restorative. Hope you’re hanging in there. Hope you’re not too busy with finals. It’s a privilege to be in communication with you. We are excited to be in

Enjoy the Beauty of Your Surroundings


Solitary, singing in the West,I strike up for a New World.I lay a loved and lost one beneath the sod.   “I don’t want to feel celebrated and admired just for what I did;I want to feel known for who I am.”What a Woman!   We all yearn for transcendence,For immortal life,To be part of

Ode to The Big Country


In the autumn of the first quarantine year, I became friends with my neighbor––real friends. I’d vaguely known her since middle school, but I’d always thought of her as the boisterous theater kid, whereas I’d been shyer, more tentative. In short, we never hit it off back then. However, in late August of 2020, we

Absolutely: Dijon’s Debut Album Throbs with Yearning and Sentimentality


After years of flitting between projects and genres following the amicable split of his group Abhi//Dijon, Los Angeles-based musician Dijon (of “Skin” and “Violence” fame) has released his simmering, soulful debut album. With the opening crackles of static and simple reverberating chords in the song “Big Mike’s,” Dijon beckons his listeners into a warm and

What’s with the Late-Night Love?


The Ivy League and late-night television go hand in hand. Call me biased, but some of our most beloved on-screen icons are Ivy graduates: Colin Jost, Mindy Kaling, John Krasinski, Kate McKinnon, etc. And maybe I’m so deluded by the “Yale Bubble” that I just can’t see outside of it, but late-night television represents a

Swifties: Connection and Obsession


When Kate Morena was nine years old, she heard the song “Sparks Fly” by Taylor Swift for the first time. Now nineteen, she laughs, remembering the scene in vivid detail. It was 2011, and the song played through speakers in her then-neighbor’s bedroom. Sunlight filtered through the floor-to-ceiling windows and cast a yellow glow on

Harold Recommends, 12/3


Sharing your Spotify Wrapped on all platforms: because everyone wants to know where Olivia Rodrigo fell in your top artists. Determining who to cut out depending on Spotify audio auras: wistful? I don’t think so. Baman Piderman: go on a wholesome journey. Befriending local possums: they *probably* don’t have rabies. Mariah Carey’s Voice Audition: slay

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