Cuffing Season Reflections from my Childhood Bedroom

Graphic by Robert Samec

I’ve read three and a half romantic comedy novels, watched two rom coms, and listened to five of the New York Times’ Modern Love podcast episodes this week. It’s cold out. Hot chocolate is being sold in packs of two at the impulse-buy station at the grocery store. I put my Spotify on Private Session

November 20th, 2020

Cover by Kapp Singer

The Common North American Least Shrew as a Metaphor for the Postmodern American Ethos Voices by Neal Sarin and Jesse Goodman Playing Pretend: Impossible Exhibitions in the Time of COVID-19 Arts by Maddie Blonquist and Kathryn Miyawaki Blocklist 11/20 The Blocklist by Yale Herald Notes from Quarantine Culture by Zachary Groz Other Things to Light

Playing Pretend: Impossible Exhibitions in the Time of COVID-19


Prologue In these past eight months of life under COVID-19, we have learned to navigate the unidirectional labyrinth of grocery store aisles, turned masks into precautionary fashion accessories, and transformed our homes into workplaces, schoolrooms, and even coffee shops. Although many businesses, functional and recreational alike, have found ways to carefully welcome back visitors or

Blocklist 11/20


“Our love…stems from an organic place”: Reflecting on Trans/Non-Binary BIPOC Experiences


As part of the Office of LGBTQ Resources’ Transgender Awareness Week programming, Ale Campillo, JE ‘22, hosted a panel discussion on the evening of Thursday, November 19th titled “Uplifting Transgender and Non-Binary BIPOC Voices.” During this event, six undergraduate panelists—Akweley, TD ’23 (chose not to share last name), Morgan Baker JE ’22, Nolan Arkansas, TC

Woes of Going Home

Graphic by Robert Samec

Am I excited about going home for break? I mean, I guess. It’s kinda weird, though, right? Usually, we get to come back right after the week of Thanksgiving, but now we can’t come back until, what, February? That’s fine, though. I’m just a little worried about being with my family for that long. You

Who are the Republican Party’s organizers?

Graphic by Jake Slaughter

Sometime in 2020, I became an organizer. The word “organizer” is not a term I generally use to describe myself—I spend most of my productive life on my laptop, after all. Nevertheless, it is a word that I’ve increasingly come to hear around me, and even hear used to describe me. I’ve always wondered exactly

Google Suite? More like Google Sweet

Graphic by Jake Slaughter

With the recent metamorphosis of Google Suite into Google Workspace, I can’t help but wonder how Google—a digitally omnipotent force disguised as an LLC that most likely possesses the entirety of my online history—knew exactly what I wanted. How did they know that the aggressive implementation of rounded corners would exponentially improve my email-deleting experience?

Come Along With Me

Image Courtesy of Cartoon Network

When I was 16 years old, I read War and Peace for the first time in a highschool literature class. Like so many others before me, I emerged from the book as if from a dream, with the sense that this little object on the desk before me, no bigger than a jewelry box, carried

The Common North American Least Shrew as a Metaphor for the Postmodern American Ethos


Since the dawn of time, man has turned to the Common North American Least Shrew as a solution to our thorniest postmodern analogies. The popular lexicon sags under the weight of so many allusions to the Cryptotis parva. How long can this continue? We all know that the diminutive Common North American Least Shrew is

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