Missed Connections


New York City Missed Connections  Harvey’s Bagels — Saturday, Jan 31   You were the girl ordering a bagel with lox and cream cheese—simple. I was the guy ordering a bagel with bacon, egg, cheese, sub bacon and cheese and adding avocado and tomato, actually just a side of avocado and tomato… I’ll have it without

Harold Recommends (Apr. 17, 2022)


Yale getting a new registration system: waitlisted at 8:05 AM? Really??? Taking an hour out of your weekend to tour HQ: it’s like a corn maze, except the scarecrow in the middle is a French professor. Big Little Lies: two seasons to distract yourself with the next time you’re in quarantine. Listening to Spotify’s Halloween

Letter from the Editors (Apr. 17, 2022)


Hey you, It’s good to see you again. And your legs. And the birds. What have I been doing? Missing you, mainly. Singing hymns. Picking flowers. I also had sex this one time.  Winter was cold. We would go to class at three and fifty minutes later, it would be midnight. The ground was littered

Blackout Poems


The Next Big Thing


Friday, April 8th was one of this spring’s first truly “outdoor” days. In the afternoon, the sun was out, and, at least according to Apple’s Weather app, New Haven was a perfectly respectable 56 degrees. So it’s no wonder that a crowd of brochure-ready students, complete with picnic blankets, frisbees, and a mysterious cat on

Black Squares and Tricolores


Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has inspired much equivocation between the current Russian Federation and the Soviet Union. Indeed, both states subordinated their peripheries to the will of Moscow, making such a connection seem natural. Yet, this straightforward parallelism ignores the deep ideological rift between them: the gap between nationalism and communism. The Soviet ideology, particularly

Starbucks-in-Residence: Battle of the Residential College Coffee Shops


I’ll paint the scene: You’re a Yale College student. It’s midterm season. You aren’t usually a procrastinator, but the beautiful spring weather resulted in you spending the past week tossing a frisbee with some people you barely know on Cross Campus for hours on end. You look up. Your orgo midterm/history paper/fully-functional car for engineering

The Batman: Why so Villainous?


Two seats down from a pair of thirty-somethings who whistled anytime Catwoman appeared onscreen, I watched The Batman and wondered why Warner Brothers bothered pretending to be woke. The Batman is a detective-style story that tracks Batman’s hunt for The Riddler. Scene after scene, Batman arrives a bit too late to save the next victim.

The Well is Dry


I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that I found myself at Yale’s new on-campus bar, The Well, on its opening night. Every day since September, I’ve glanced through those porthole windows when passing beneath the Schwarzman Center, awaiting the day that the bar would finally open. The Well soon came to occupy a rotunda-shaped space

An Unhinged Account of Wednesday’s Course Registration


What were you doing last Wednesday morning? Did you have three consecutive existential crises about the state of your course registration worksheet? Did you set an alarm for an ungodly hour and oversleep, only to realize all the classes you wanted to take were full? Did you have eight courses on your registration worksheet and

pg. 112


I would have lain in absolute silence If you told me the world was not for you todayI would have shown you with my eyesthat I am not the world and held my breath until our heartbeats rose and fell in harmony  And we would rest together In that ember-warm library that is your mind I’d lay my spine along the flat

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