The Herald’s Top Ten TV Shows of the Decade

1. Glee

Formative, but problematic — just like our parents.

2. Fleabag

Fake intellectual television.

3. Jane the Virgin

REAL intellectual television.

4. All Vines.

100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

5. Shake It Up

Without Shake It Up, we wouldn’t have had Euphoria. Think about it.

6. Game of Thrones

We have to put it on the list. Our hands are tied.

7. The Great British Baking Show.

They’re so nice to each other. I am so calm.

8. Chopped

I saw the devil, and her name is Alex Guarnaschelli.

9. Sherlock

Gave us the hot priest before he was the Hot Priest!!!

10. American Horror Story

I mean, it’s no Good Luck Charlie, but it’s pretty freaky.

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