Harold Recommends (2/14/20)

  1. Feast of Saint Valentine
    Celebrate Saint Valentinus by shopping for candy at Walgreens the night before
  2. A New Dawn [HOA007] — AceMoMa, AceMo & MoMa Ready ♫
    The Brooklyn DJ collective brings the sauciest techno yet in their hour-plus album 
  3. “Music” — Benny Sings ♫
    Inspired by Japanese City Pop, the Amsterdam based singer-songwriter jams in his ode to his medium
  4. All The Movies By Women Directors That Did Not Receive Oscar Nominations!
    Don’t be Natalie Portman (reformative > performative)
  5. The Slow Rush — Tame Impala
    Red wine, Persian rugs, and analog tape delay galore saturate this retro record, Kevin Parker’s first album in five years
  6. The Artwork in President Salovey’s House
    Wait ‘til you see the bathroom!
  7. Beinecke Composition Concerts
    Listen to world premieres by undergraduate student composers in the Beinecke Library while being bathed in pink marble ambience
  8. Brownies for Breakfast at Berkeley Dining Hall
    Grab a to-go cup for three!
  9. “Momentary Bliss” — Gorillaz
    Polymath Damon Albarn returns with British rapper slowthai, post-hardcore outfit Slave for a utopian, double-time tour de force.
  10. The Metro North
    Treat yourself by getting the FUCK out of here for Valentine’s Day!

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