Harold Recommends, 2/28

1.  Schmear & Loathing in Lox Vegas from Book Trader

A midterm guilty pleasure with a fantastically crafted name!

2.  The Boring Talks by BBC Sounds

A cute little podcast filled with mini lectures that push you to enjoy the “boring” things in life a little more.

3.  “Dragonball Duragby Thundercat

A funky new single from the bass maestro—check out the music video featuring Quinta Brunson, Kali Uchi, and HAIM.

4.  Man Alive! by King Krule

New album from London’s favorite moaning and groaning singer and guitarist.

5.  Rendición (Surrender) by Ray Loriga

A Spanish-language novel that carves out a new dystopian niche for itself. A must-read for those who are ready to get paranoid about the surveillance state again.

6.  Focaccia at Timothy Dwight College

Perfect balance of butter, olive oil, fleur de sel, and more olive oil.

7.  Love is Blind

Fans of trashy TV, rejoice! We’ve got a new fucked-up premise to destroy our brain cells.

8.  Yale Orbit

Idk mercury is in retrograde! Be chaotic and put down your top five crushes. Start some awkward but necessary conversations! Or, just put down your best friends and avoid the crushing reality of not being loved.

9.  Sonic the Hedgehog

This is the third time James Marsden has acted with a CGI animal, proving how good he is at talking to air.

10.  Deep River Sweet Maui Onion Chips

These chips are not a fucking game. Truly the crunchiest, crispiest snacks in the business. Eat at your own risk!

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