Letter from the Editors 10/2

Hello lovely readers,

It’s October second, meaning it’s officially spooky season! It’s time to dress up whacky and eat candy and ummm… be scared?

Ok, I’ll cut the Hallmark card cuteness. It’s been spooky for a while, and I’ve been eating sweets in my sweatpants for months. And yet, I’m still excited for the Halloween season. I’m still going to wear a bee suit on October 31st, and smell the crisp autumn air, and guzzle pumpkin spice cold brew! All to take my mind away from our ever-spooky world.

In a way, Yale is pretty spooky year-round, too. As Maggie Thomas, YSE ’15, outlines in Opinion, the Yale Board is in need of more just and representative leadership, one that will finally address the Corporation’s investments in the fossil fuel industry. 

But don’t be too scared, though. There are ways to escape the spook if you want to. For example, like McKinsey Crozier, TD ’22, I like to scour the Internet for silly stories to take my mind off things. Reflection and meditation is also key. Melanie Heller’s, SM ’24, personal essay reminds me of all the recent times I’ve driven and reflected in my car—a car which one day might be smart enough to be my best friend, according to Lucas Fischer, DC ’24. Okay… that got spooky again.

The Halloween/(for some) holiday/election (ouch) season’s return reminds me that there are some consistencies in our spooky world: We still have a cyclical calendar. Nothing is going to stop the existence of Saturdays or Sundays, nor Hump-days, nor autumn leaves (I hope). Nothing is going to stop The Herald from bringing you fresh, hot, juicy stories every week. Perhaps there’s something in that consistency that’ll get you through this spooky moment.

Your brave Managing Editor,

Caramia Putman, BF ’22

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