A Zoom Tale

2 p.m. and it’s time to resume
Today’s dose of my online gloom.
At least no more treks
Up WLH steps,
I guess I’ll go start up my Zoom.

The prof continues to drone.
“It’s only five after?” I groan.
My eyes start to ache.
I must take a break.
So I scroll through the ‘Gram on my phone.

Looking at stories revives
My drained and half-open eyes.
Another post liked.
Another boast? Right:
Online people live perfect lives.

Wait—isn’t my iPhone a screen!
So what does this really mean?
Have I gotten lazy?
Has Zoom made us crazy?
A lot has changed since quarantine.

Our early-life crises arrive,
And yet we all hope to survive
Until we can sing
“The world’s not burning!”
And get hugs of which we were deprived.

This new post says not to pollute.
Hold on—did my prof say Kahoot? 
Oh no! Breakout room!
This spells certain doom.
I must stop my break and unmute.

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