Top 5 Edgiest Pixar Films of All Time:

Illustration by Laura Padilla-Castellanos

5. Wall-E: This film’s unapologetically-savage social commentary leaves audiences shook to their core. The muted color palette and apocalyptic overtones earn this harrowing environmental warning a spot on the list. Bonus edge points for steamy robot romance.

4. Finding Nemo: This emotional family drama explores the fraught relationship between a single father and his troubled teenage son. The characters are pretty sexy, with heartthrobs like Gill and Bruce raising the bar for animated sex appeal, not to mention the film cornering the aquatic DILF niche. It’s generally avant-garde, but negative edge points for a happy ending.

3. Coco: Traveling to the underworld? Talking to ghosts? Having sex with those ghosts? The story of an angst-ridden, socially isolated singer-songwriter embracing his inner darkness and only talking to dead people, this movie is an emo’s fallen paradise. 

2. Ratatouille: Rats are already quite edgy as is—scuttling around in the darkness, eating trash, carrying the plague, etc.—this movie is off to a strong start. The rampant and creative usage of swearing in the kitchen and hints of BDSM in the Colette/Linguini relationship solidifies this foreign film near the top of the list.

1. Toy Story: With a lovely soundtrack and colorful animation this tale of acceptance, imagination, and the power of love is a feelgood classic for the whole family to enjoy. The inclusion of Sid, Edgelord Supreme himself, warrants a place on this list alone. However, its edginess takes a huge hit from the general joyousness of the narrative. The primary reason this film clinches top spot was its groundbreaking usage of full-frontal nudity in a children’s animated film.

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