Letter from the Editors 10/9

From: editors@yale-herald.com
To: Herald readers
Subject: Our Oct 9 issue!!!

Dear readers,

We hope this letter finds u well! Now that midterm season has descended upon us, we’re sure u’re all really busy, so we’ve decided to write this letter in email-form with short, PUNCHY sentences so maybe u can read this, check out our issue & have time to grab a sandwich in-between. We’re even throwing in a TL;DR at the end to be xtra concise! A lot of big things have happened this week. Here are those big things in listicle form for u Buzzfeed luvrs:

  1. Yale released their spring term plans!
  2. A fly became the Ken Bone of this election cycle!
  3. Louise Glück’s classes have officially become impossible to get into😪

Of equal newsworthiness, we made another issue! Here’s a small sampling of what u’ll click into this week:

  1. Herald staffer Nyeda S., PC ’22, penned our insightful cover, which delves into the Elm City Lit Fest, an annual New Haven literary event celebrating the works of artists of the African diaspora. She introduces us to the festival’s organizers, who passionately discuss Yale’s positionality to New Haven & the intersection of identity & art-making.
  2. In Features, Herald staffer Edie Abraham-Macht, BR ’22, interviews Lucy Silbaugh, TD ’21, a former student of recent Nobel Prize-awardee Louise Glück, about her understanding of Glück as an attentive, exacting English professor.
  3. In Sci+Tech, Jesse Goodman, BK ’24, outlines the psychology, neurology & cognition behind effective altruism.
  4. In Opinion, Tommy Schacht, PC ’21, examines the “two liberalisms” present at Yale.

TL;DR: Read our latest issue! From ruminations on edgy Pixar films to rankings of the best & worst foods in Yale dining halls, we’ve got it all.

Signing off,
Macrina Wang, ES ’22

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