Letter from the Editors 10/16

Dear Readers,

Conjure the smell of mildew in your nose and dry radiator heat blasting your skin. Imagine an array of old, broken computer monitors—you’re not sure where they came from. The yellow walls are slightly sticky and the mini fridge across from you is disappointingly empty, as is the box of Oreos on top. But you’re surrounded by friends and thankfully it’s almost 4 a.m., which is when we’re allowed (encouraged?) to have some w*ne.

You are us and you’re sitting in our lovely home at 305 Crown. When we joined the Herald last January as design editors, this was the rhythm of our Thursday nights and Friday mornings. We miss the old design office, but the humble Pacfic Standard time zone has provided an acceptable alternative, gracefully preserving the same blissful feeling of mindlessly uploading graphics to WordPress dot com while the rest of the publication sleeps. And every Friday morning we cannot wait to hear words of praise from our East Coast EICs—”the website looks fire!” Perhaps this is the feeling parents get on Christmas, laying out presents after their children have gone to bed, anticipating glee come sunrise. So go on, open up our issue! We made it for you!

This week we’re featuring Josie Steuer Ingall’s TD ’24 reflections on queer womanhood at the Gay Ivy and Ram Vishwanathan’s SM ’22 reporting on NHPD’s Community Crisis Response Team, an alternative policing strategy for the city. In Opinion, Matt Nadel, GH ’21, reframes the question of constitutionality, illuminating the push and pull between the will of the people and the opinions of a judge. And in Voices, Edie Abraham-Macht, BR ’22, offers tactful retellings of paranoia, love, and lack thereof.

We know you’ll love the writing—no worries there. But Herald Design is still asleep as you read this, so please let us at least wake up and brush our teeth before you talk shit.

Kapp “Kappo” Singer, GH ’23, and Robbie “Robbo” Samec, ES ’23
Creative Directors

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