Harold Recommends, Oct 30

1. Children singing Bjork

Brighten your day, especially essential during Daylight Savings.

2.“Love Me Like You Hate Me”

Insane Rainsford music video directed by Shia Labeouf starring himself and Margaret Qualley (his girlfriend WHAT).

3. “Demon”

A beautiful music video by rapper HVN shot by Joji Baratelli, JE ’23!

4. New Season of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”

David Letterman returns with an even more lush beard

5. Sinkholes filled with rats!

An incredibly bizarre piece of news written in the most viscerally unhinged manner. Prepare to shudder!

6. Bernie calling Dua Lipa “Dua”

They’re on a first name basis isn’t that wild.

7. Just Us: An American Conversation

A brilliant and breathtaking examination of racism and white supremacy today, written by Yale professor Claudia Rankine.

8. Someone Has to Die (Alguien tiene que morir)

A gripping Spanish thriller series reminiscent of And Then There Were None. Catch it on Netflix!

9. New Kanye Remix

Featuring Dababy and 2 Chainz

10. Half-Life but the AI is Self Aware

One sane man chaperones three insane scientists and an eldritch being of chaos through a facility infested with aliens and the U.S. military.

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