Letter from the Editors 2/5

Dear Harold readers,

Happy New Year! Time has passed, though it’s only noticeable in the increased length of our facial hair and size of our laundry pile. Still, the Herald chugs along its circuitous beat, coddling us within its warm, humming, comfortable cocoon of familiarity. Wow, we’re really waxing poetic out here. What we mean to say is: welcome back to another semester of our humble paper.

This week’s issue is notable for its publication under the auspices of a new president(!)—but, like any daring publication worth its salt, we shall not be referring to quotidien politics within the soft, electronic folds of our paper. Instead, this week’s issue centers a feature by Daevan Mangalmurti, TC ’24, about a formerly incarcerated writer bringing books to the isolation of the prison system, alongside Yingying Zhao’s, TD ’24, nuanced take on the cultural politics of boba versus bubble tea in the East Asian diaspora. Interrogate late night radio vicariously through a review by Chanwook Park, SY ‘24, and ponder the role of art in the ‘western’ world with Nyeda S, PC ’22.

The world has changed. It’s stayed the same. Cycles continue and paths forge ever forward. Until we can yet again hold a heavy, freshly-inked copy of the Herald in our gloved hands, our screens must do.

And through these shimmering screens, we once again warmly welcome you! (Barf)


Rachel & Hamzah
Editors-(read: Poets)-in-Chief

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