Harold Recommends, 3.5.2021

  1. РИШАД ШАФИ & “Гунеш” (Голубой огонёк 1984г.) – Russian jazz fusion that will make you smile and miss the days of live concerts
  2. Kerwin Frost Talks To Mac Demarco – fashion king and comedian returns with a new season of his talk show, Kerwin Frost Talks, interviewing your favorite Canadian guitarist
  3. 90 Day Fiancé – sign me up for this hellish dumpster fire!
  4. Sun Ra – listen to cosmic jazz and absorb the present future of yesterday
  5. Demonic dog and speedy boy: the full spectrum of dog emotions captured in succinct TikToks
  6. It’s A Sin – a nuanced and sentimental show on queer love amongst the backdrop of the 1980s AIDS epidemic
  7. “BØNNIE & BIZZLE” by TyBass – New York underground rapper’s new popping releases featuring dancehall and drill
  8. WandaVision ending memes– But what is an iconic show if not meme fodder?
  9. Vegan cream cheese and lox – our editors (Isaac, we’re talking about Isaac) couldn’t get anymore California
  10. Popular Front Podcast – disturbing war journalism featuring a host with a steamy South London accent

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