Letter from the Editors 3/5

Dear Harold readers,

The snow has stopped. The sun has come out. A few days ago, I walked outside without a coat. This morning, I drank my coffee iced. Like many other Yalies, I’m eager to reunite with friends in the safe comfort of outside, when the weather is nice enough that we can sit on Cross Campus, maskless, many feet apart, grasping once again at the stub of normalcy we were forced to let go of months ago, when winter chained us to our radiators. I’m also excited to just sit in Beinecke plaza, nursing a Willoughby’s chai latte, flipping through issues new and old of the Herald.

And my oh my is this issue a good one.

In Opinion, Anastasia Ibrahim, BR ’23, reflects on the lack of space offered to Middle Eastern North African students at Yale, while recounting the ramifications of a disturbing speaker brought into an Arabic 120 class. In Sci+Tech, Neal Sarin, BK ’24, compares popular attitudes toward sciences and social sciences, and asks why people are so quick to question sociology and political science instead of physics and chemistry. And in Inserts, Zoe Larkin, GH ’24, muses on what it’s like to be a bad texter, the kind of person who ignores messages and responds weeks later.

As the weather approaches the 50s, take your classes outside. Go on a run. Do a handstand in the grass or something, I don’t know, I’m not in charge of you. But I’ll tell you this, there’s nothing better than laying in the hammock of your residential college, tanning in the rays reflected by your computer screen, reading Yale’s most daring publication.


Elliot Lewis, BR ’23

Managing Editor

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