Thank You Notes

Dear Grandma, 

Thank you for the Barbie Dream House,
the Baby Alive, and that purple bicycle
Grandpa put together on Christmas Morning.

Thank you for your Norman Rockwell book,
your Nat King Cole CDs, a Charlie Brown Christmas,
for your big leather sofa where cousins ate popcorn. 

Thank you for big Christmas dinners, 
for Deviled Eggs and Cranberry Sauce, 
for the chicken nuggets we ate instead.

Thank you for the American Girl doll, 
the iPod touch, for the electric fireplace
with an extra stocking for your dog.

Thank you for the wreath and the angel
and the placemats Mom uses at our house now
because Grandpa doesn’t decorate for Christmas.

Thank you for the Christmas tree, the tablecloth, 
and the singing Peanuts characters 
that we still bring out at Grandpa’s house anyway. 


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