Hello X this is doctor X
My apologies for the delay
You should be hearing from your new provider
I sent out all the information
But I’m happy to talk to you about your medication in the meantime
You can call me at
(phone crumpling to death)

(Heavy breathing
Television in the background)

I wanted to finish the call from yesterday 
(phone crumpling to death)
You know if you’re up and running
I’m willing to foot the bill

I think of you almost every day
I’m wondering where you are
And where to send you a little love


We are going to give you a refund if you’d like to place another order
Since we have not gotten a response we are giving you a final chance before we close your file
To opt out press X now

Hey sleepyhead
(guitar strumming)
Bum bum bum
(bass lick)
Since you’re not answering my calls I hope you’re alive
Hope you’re not a block of cement in the ocean

I was just calling to see if you could tell me how to connect
That’s it


Whatever I’m over it
What are you doing? Are you out partying?
It’s 9 o’clock. Isn’t it past your bedtime?
Blah blah blah all that stuff
I guess you’re probably busy smoking or something I don’t know
I don’t know what’s going on
I’m just thinking out loud Blah blah blah
Because I know you probably won’t listen anyways

Listen X
I know you’re on your phone
And you’re not gonna call me back until nighttime
And you’re gonna say you already told me what you think– which is true
But I’m calling you now on the lousy train
Because I love you and you didn’t answer And that’s a fucking disgrace

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