Letter from the Editors 4/2

Ever-loyal readers,

It’s a new month, a new season, a new phase of vaccination rollout, the beginning of a new era, no? I have yet to get a COVID vaccine appointment, so I’m a little bit behind the times. Some of you guys are living in 2008, and I’m back in 2000-and-late.

This week’s pieces speak a lot about viewing certain topics in a new light—like I said, the times they are a-changin’. At the center of the issue, our lovely Herald staff member Edie Abraham-Macht, BR ’22, provides a conversation that changed my views about poetry on faith more than ENGL 125. Julia Wu, JE ’23, has an insightful piece about John Walsh’s Picasso Lectures that touches on issues regarding museum curation in general as well as in the time of COVID. And, perhaps most insightful of all, in Inserts Dory Johnson, JE ’24, pitches the most totally cool way for boy bands to represent their corporate sponsors (yes, she does speak on the sexy allure of Mr. Clean).

College is a critical time in all of our lives—I hope one of many chapters for you all. My solace is the new bloom of colorful flowers around campus (fun fact: you can eat tulip petals, arguably one of the sexiest flowers, but they don’t taste very sexy)—and of course, though we may be entering a new era, the Herald continues to churn out content that transcends time. Carry on, my critical thinkers.

Your ever-loyal editor,

Caramia Putman, BF ’22

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