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So, Yale just gave you five free Break Days this semester! Awesome! After this semester we all could use some time off from Grind Central Station! This Thursday, we hope you use our DOs and DON’Ts of Yale Break Days to help you get ready to rest, recharge and be ready to take on the world this Friday!

DO: Take some time to be with the people who matter most

This semester has been tough for all of us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break and spend some time with your closest friends! Just because you can’t be within six feet of them right now, doesn’t mean you can’t have quality time! Take a socially distanced walk! You can totally see them from the other side of the street. See how many letters you can mail to each other in one day, or train some homing pigeons. Craving human interaction? You could take this time to bond with your MATH 120 friends and talk about recreational mathematics.

DON’T: Do any schoolwork today

Instead, write that novel you’ve been meaning to write. Start a business! This is your time to shine! Hey you! Get off your GCal! Stop doing your pset! Didn’t you hear? This day is for you, you, and you! For one day, step away from Zoom University and get ready to stop and smell the roses: that’s what Break Days are for! And when you really start to miss the grind of ECON 115, it’s right there on your desk :).

DO: Take some time to appreciate all that this school has given you so far

A break day means that you have 24 whole hours to reflect on what you’re grateful for! From break days to Heidi the dog to Wellness Center emails, what isn’t Yale doing for us? Now’s a great day to practice your calligraphy and your prose so you can get ready to send Marvin Chun his well-deserved thank you letter for all that you’ve been offered this semester.

DON’T: Use words like “stressed” and “burnt out”

Those are sad words! Here at Yale we don’t like sad words! Use words like “brained-out” and “exhausted from education” to describe the exciting feeling of being so filled to the brim with knowledge you can barely stand!

DO: Email your professors begging for extensions on assignments you couldn’t complete due to existential dread

Okay, maybe we lied. Maybe your Italian professor might have assigned a tiny, insignificant, teensy-weensy 17-page paper for Monday and you, with your classes and your activities simply aren’t able to complete it. Never fear! Simply email your professor in tears Thursday night and pray to God for mercy. Godspeed.

DON’T: Consume alcohol the night before your break day

The legal drinking age in Connecticut is 21.

DO: Eventually forego your shenanigans in favor of the looming cloud of darkness about to befall you

Okay, so maybe now that you don’t have the constant tedium of schoolwork looming over you for one brief 24 hour period under the sun demons are starting to emerge from the crevices of your mind. Maybe those pesky midterm dates have given way to course registration dates and summer internship application deadlines. You may slowly find yourself getting consumed by the endless weight and burden of your responsibilities not as a student, but as an adult. But hey, Handsome Dan is on Cross Campus!

DON’T: Be sad, be glad!


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