Harold Recommends, 4.9.21

  1. Vegan Orecchiette – devilishly delicious vegan pasta dish
  2. Beautiful Things – new memoir by Hunter Biden featuring a quote by Stephen King on the back cover. Can’t wait for my book club to meet in front of his house in the Venice Canals!
  3. Questioning Shrek in 2021 – why is this not yet a major at Yale?
  4. “Justice” and “Freedom” by Justin Bieber – how else do you dedicate a new album and EP to your wife than sampling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?
  5. Prepubescent Justin Bieber – going mad on that snare sample with Dr. Dre
  6. Godzilla vs. Kong – what other way to celebrate your vaccine?
  7. Chet Hanks – get ready for a summer of love
  8. Carly Rae Jepsen x Fiona Apple Mashup – we can not wait for the dance floor at Toads to reopen
  9. Marianne Williamson and James Cameron – what kind of shirt is James wearing in his film dungeon???
  10. Elf Ears and Nose Jewelry – anyone else trying t

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