Harold Recommends, Earth Day Special

  1. The Beach – who doesn’t want to build sandcastles and surf for their day off?
  2. Carbon Pricing Podcast – new Yale podcast that explores how and why we price nature
  3. Mediterranean Climates – aka the setting of Mamma Mia and Call Me By Your Name—who doesn’t want candlelit dinners with lots of organic wine
  4. Biggest Little Farm – documentary about a California couple starting their own farm from scratch, filled with many goats, chickens, and pigs
  5. Deserts – bring crystals, cowboy boots, and eat a cactus lollipop
  6. Carlos Niño – enter the space age of flowerbeds and waterfalls with contemporary new-age and ambient music from the DJ and musician
  7. Planet of the Apes – if another species ruled Earth, would they have allowed global warming?
  8. Online Ceramics – quirky clothing founded by Deadheads and heralded by hypebeasts that celebrates hugging trees!
  9. Vegyn – bubbly British electronic musician who cares for animals and the environment!
  10. Journey to the Center of the Earth – 2008 Dwayne the Rock Johnson ages beautifully

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