Letter from the Editors, Climate Issue

Dear readers,

The world is melting, friends. But also freezing. And in other places, burning. And in others flooding. There’s too much plastic here. Not enough there. There are too many of the wrong types of plants and too few of the right ones. There’s too much almond milk. But then again there’s too much cow milk. Too much… milk?

This issue is our first print issue of the year. We realize the irony of printing our special Climate Issue on the mangled remains of once-thriving trees—but what can we say. Recycle? That’s also a scam, so checkmate.

Instead, we hope to make the general dissolution of our personal ethics worth it for you, our beloved readers. At the centerfold of this week’s crisply bound Herald, you will find an investigative piece by Kapp Singer, GH ’23, on the uses and misuses of Yale’s personal power plant and the steps it isn’t taking to reduce emissions. In features, the Herald interviews architect Eric Liftin, TC ’90, on a sustainable building project in New York City, while Alexandra Gers, PC ’23, discusses spending her gap year travelling through the natural parks in Culture.

No doubt, you thought the climate crisis was devoid of giggles. Think again! Turn the page to our inserts section for Addee Kim’s, JE ’22, final installment of their Smiley Bitch cartoon series. In this episode, Smiley Bitch explores the zero waste movement and provides some helpful tips to their nonhuman pals.

In such an unfamiliar world, the sight and feel and smell of a paper copy of the Herald might just bring you back to a better, less dreadful time than today’s. Then again, you could also be reading this online, because we’re still in a global pandemic. And in other places… we’re not.

In existential confusion and comedy,

Rachel Calcott and Hamzah Jhaveri

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