Berkeley Suite E42 in Conversation on the Bow-Wow

Designed by Cleo Maloney

Kennedy: What are we talking about? The Bow-Wow?
Mette: When I first heard about the Bow-Wow, I was actually really excited, ‘cause I was thinking Durfee’s, but better. But it turned out that it was just Durfee’s, but more expensive.
Kennedy: Durfee’s, but with cuter outfits.
S: And better lighting.
Mette: But they don’t have the same convenient things. They don’t have any of the basics like Durfee’s used to have at the entrance.
Kennedy: It’s not open very late. I was sick one time, and could go to Durfee’s and get whatever I needed, but the Bow-Wow is not like that. I love the outfits though. The people who work there are so damn nice. One guy met us near the Underground and led us through Schwarzman all the way to the Bow-Wow.
Mette: They’re really helpful. One time the machine wouldn’t work for me and the woman working there fixed it for me.
Kennedy: But our swipe is $9.50? And a sandwich is $7? I could get like… a pack of gum and a sandwich and that’s it.
Mette: And the sushi? That doesn’t make any sense.
Chloe: And it’s not filling. The Bow-Wow looks like an airport convenience store.
Kennedy: Which isn’t a bad thing. But in an airport store, you can wander around. In the Bow-Wow I feel like I’m running around, trying to find what I want.
S: I’m always picking things up and feeling bad about putting them back.
Chloe: The atmosphere feels very aspirational, but in the end, the lines are so long.
Kennedy: I feel less persecuted than I did in Durfee’s. I always got yelled at in there. But I have great conversations with the people who work at the Bow-Wow.
Mette: Because of the lighting, for me it feels like an airport or a hospital, you know?
Chloe: It feels bougie though. I paid $5 for a granola bar.
S: To be fair, the combo is enough food.
Kennedy: Shout out to the combo.
Mette: I have to say, sometimes when I go to the Bow-Wow after my 2:15 class, there’s nothing left.
Chloe: Yeah.
Mette: I once ended up having a kale and tofu salad. It was the only thing left.
Kennedy: That’s not food… 
Chloe: I hate the name “Bow-Wow.”
Kennedy: It sounds like the name of face-painters.
Mette: It sounds like second grade.
Chloe: I like the shortening to B-Dub, but we already have L-Dub, you know?
Kennedy: That is not an association that they necessarily want. But I love the shortening of the Schwarzman Center to “the Wartz.”
Mette: Ooh.
Kennedy: Hey, we should do a podcast.
S: We should.
Mette: It would be called E42.
Chloe: All just reviews for the Herald.
Kennedy: Ditch reviews. Every week we’ll just do a podcast where we just rant about things we regret.

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