Harold Recommends

  1. A good cry: you need one
  2. No Time to Die: according to my mom, it rocks
  3. The hamburgers at the Silliman dining hall: ugh, it’s not fair they get a good salad bar and good hamburgers
  4. October Break: need that expeditiously 
  5. Eliminating your debt through normal means: DON’T PLAY THE GAME
  6. Adele’s Vogue Photo Shoot: and crying until and once the album comes out
  7. Halloween Candy: go to Walgreens
  8. Not About Kyle: Yale’s first in-person play since COVID! Yay theatre!
  9. Pasta e Basta (in Commons): Break bread. Break boundaries.
  10.  Big Thief’s new EP, Change: it stole our hearts.

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