Letter from the Editors, 10/8

Hey Herald readers, 

The chill is in the air, the leaves are turning red, and the candy is on the shelves at Walgreens. Those kids in your lecture are still coughing, but the line for the package center is finally normal. Ah, how nice fall is. Midterms season is upon us, and all of the individual study rooms in Bass are occupied by stressed-out students who can’t seem to find a better place to study. Who wouldn’t want to spend their day in a small study closet? We encourage you to find literally any other place to study. Please, a little sunlight does wonders. If you manage to find yourself in one of these rooms, at least make yourself comfortable, pour a cup of tea, and open up this week’s issue of the Herald

In this issue, Jordan Jenkins, DC ’24, interviews lawyer and poet Reginald Dwayne Betts, the author of Felon, the winner of a NAACP Image Award, and a finalist for the 2019 Los Angeles Times Book Prize. They speak about Betts’ recent accolades, and his project to bring books to prisons nationwide. In Arts, Kayla Yup, PC ’25, finds harmony in her relationship with home through Tchaikovsky’s Waltz from Sleeping Beauty. And finally, Lucy Santiago, MC ‘24, asks if making a frat co-ed changes anything about the organization at its core. She seeks to answer this question in an op-ed responding to a recent article about Edon. 

We hope you enjoy this issue, and if you don’t we recommend you repurpose this paper on a cold winter night by making yourself a fire. Not in your dorm room, though. Stay safe out there and read The Herald. 

Your Sci+Tech Editors, 
Victoria & AC

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