Letter from the Editors, 10/15

Our Beloved Herald Readers,

So much can change in seven days. For one, the date is different. Another tree has turned. So has my milk. As well as my back, on the fox I fell for last Friday night. Planets are orbiting. Pangaea doesn’t exist anymore. Brangelina broke up. Our co-editors are getting wrinkles in all the wrong places. On this rapidly changing track we call life, we at the Herald urge you to stay still for a second. Roast a mushroom, grab a pain au chocolat, breathe, take a break.

In this issue, Catherine Kausikan, GH ’25, wanders through the New Haven Night Market, exploring the vibrancy of local businesses and restaurants. Adia Keene, BF ’24, reviews the student-directed play Not About Kyle, highlighting its humor and relatable portrayal of teenage dynamics. In Opinion, Lukas Bacho, SM ’25, reflects on the state of stillness, contrasting the emptiness of the pandemic with the overwhelming human energy of campus.

If you have no plans for October break, say no more. You can read this issue again and again and again—seriously, there is no limit on how many times and in how many ways this can be done. You can read this issue at golden hour. You can do it in the stacks. You can read to the flavor of butternut squash or Crown Street’s poorly-endowed motor vehiclists or even from the clouds above East Rock.

Truly, (madly, deeply),
Kiran and Rafaela
Culture Editors

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