Letter from the Editors

Dear Herald readers,


It’s getting cold, fast. Just a few months ago you came to campus, beaten by the summer rain and weighed down by the humid air. You wore jean shorts and white tank tops, linen and cotton. You were pretending this campus was your home. But you knew its essential quality would change, soon. 

Now you don’t pretend. You’re accepting the autumn wind, red noses and frigid fingertips. You reach for long sleeves without thinking, you wear jackets and wool sweaters and bundle up with scarves and shearling boots. You’ve—what’s the word?—settled

In this issue, Lael Joseph, TC ’25, explores the “settling” process as she navigates New York streets and subways with her roommate. In her Voices poem, Elena Unger, BC ’25 recounts how bits of childhood mingle with the present, making new things deeply familiar. Meanwhile, Aliaksandra Tucha JE ’22 performs a poem that unsettles, with an itch for something more, a self-aware dissatisfaction. 

Let this issue of the Herald settle and unsettle you. Sink back into the inexplicably red armchairs dispersed across Yale common rooms… but don’t get too comfortable. And as the season turns, we hope the Herald is both a fireplace you return to—and the short gust of frigid air that quickens your step on the way.


Your Stitch Editors
Lydia Kaup
Gina Kim
Sophie Kyle Collins

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