Letter from the Editors

Dear Herald Readers,

The time has come for there to be less time: Daylight Losings Time. The sun rises earlier and the night falls at 4:00 PM. For anyone who is not an early bird, it can be depressing, or at the very least exhausting. Finals are looming, cuffing season is approaching, and fall has undoubtedly solidified its frigid hold on the world around us.

But there is one bright spot amid the darkness. One weekend of debauchery, rivalry, and revelry is steadily marching towards us, to take our hand and escort us to the other side, Thanksgiving Break. That’s right. The Harvard-Yale game is in a week!! 

While you’ve been adjusting your biological clocks, the world’s two most popular bad football teams have been training for a game which exists exclusively as a pretext for tailgating, public nudity, and depraved alumni nostalgia. We at the Herald can’t wait to witness (at a journalistic remove, of course) the return of this time-honored (or dishonored) tradition.

In this issue, Aaron Magloire, TD ’23, writes about the importance of knowing when to exit an unsatisfying situation, no matter the amount of FOMO it creates. In Culture, Jabez Choi, PC ’25, gives their take on superstition and the role it plays in our lives. And in Features, Jesse Goodman, BK ’24, writes about David, a man on death row. Take this week’s edition of the Herald as an opportunity to exercise your brain before the debilitating weekend of the Yale-Harvard game. Maybe you can even pick up a couple of collegiate conversation starters to have on hand for Thanksgiving dinner.

Gage and Luis
The Opinion Editors

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