Harold Recommends

  1. GoGo Squeez: we were today years old when we learned that there are jokes on the bottom!
  2. Visits at the McClellan COVID playpen: your COVID-ridden besties are just a green fence away!
  3. Jitter Bus stickers: show off your coffee addiction with ~style~
  4. The iced chai at Atticus: prepare to get hooked
  5. Heckling Yale tours: save them before it’s too late
  6. Learning how to read tarot cards: the future is unpredictable, but it doesn’t have to be
  7. 3-hour Youtube Video Essays: you’re not doing work anyways, might as well learn about the Neurosis of Cat Valentine
  8. Wearing your mask: it’s not hard.
  9. Calling your parents: why do you never call?
  10. Calling your grandparents: why do you never call?????

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