10 Songs You Need on Your Sex Playlist

Illustrated by Lucy Zuo

Close your eyes: you’re out on the town, looking perfect, smelling like heaven. Skip ahead. Keep your eyes closed. You’re stumbling through the doorway, touching lips with your lover, ex, spouse, Tinder date, the person in your entryway you swore (literally, on your life!) you wouldn’t pursue. Kissing becomes biting becomes everything else and one of the two of you (or maybe one of the three, or four, or maybe it’s an orgy) suggests the bedroom. Because you are not only perfect, but also brilliant—or possibly because your suite has a “play music while you’re fucking because the walls are thin” rule—you choose to set the mood with some tunes. Either way, you’re ready to dazzle your partner with your fantastic music taste. 

But then… 

You freeze. You’re staring at your Spotify profile, paralyzed by choice. Do you choose “vibes”? Do you choose “chillin”? Or, in your desperation, do you play it risky and type “songs for having sex” into the ether and choose the first random playlist that pops up?

Good sex playlists are an art and a science. They require some effort, and yet the result must feel natural. The songs should flow into one another juuuust enough that they don’t change the tempo, yet there must also be sufficient variety. And, of course, you need it to be long enough that you don’t hear repeats—and hopefully your night will require at least 30 minutes of listening. It can make or break the experience. 

I’ve compiled a list of ten songs (in no particular order) that deserve a place on your sex playlist, based on suggestions from anonymous friends and with a few personal favorites sprinkled in. Give ‘em a shot, will ya?

“Holiest” – Glass Animals

I’m not saying Glass Animals should get you horny, but I’m also not NOT saying that… you simply can’t go wrong with the bizarre and beautiful sounds from their album Zaba.

“Hush” – the Marías

A fantastic psychedelic groove dripping with desire, this song is spellbinding, seductive, and irresistible. 

“We (feat. CeeLo Green)” – Mac Miller

You could honestly just play Mac Miller’s entire discography if you wanted, but the dreamy vocals from CeeLo Green over Mac’s emotional lyrics make this song particularly appropriate.

“Closer” – Busty and the Bass

Soulful and bouncy and laden with suggestive lines, you may feel the unshakeable urge to dance to this track. But let’s assume you’re already a little preoccupied.

“Malamente – Cap.1: Augurio” – Rosalía

In honor of Rosalía’s brilliant new album Motomami, it only feels right to include what is certainly one of her earlier sexiest songs to date. Her alluring chorus overlayed with a sensual flamenco flourish… yes MA’AM! 

“Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)” – Daniel Caesar

I should mention that Daniel Caesar is easily the most-recommended artist among everyone I spoke to. Danny knows what’s up, ESPECIALLY with this song.

“dio” – boylife

This confession of lust and love carries with it a sensational ebb and flow; trust me when I say boylife’s debut album gelato deserves a place on your evening’s queue.

“Willow Tree (feat. Jerome Farah)” – Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana’s hypnotic vocals are on full display in this one, complete with intoxicating jazz beats and a funky feature from Jerome Farah. 

“Prone” – Masego

I’d be remiss if this list didn’t include at least one song from our Spring Fling lineup, and what better than one with a sultry blend of groovy rhythms and raunchy metaphors?

“That’s the Way Love Goes”Janet Jackson

A classic, to put it lightly.

You can open your eyes now.

Happy listening, lovers 😉

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