Harold Recommends (The Sex Issue, Apr. 4, 2022)

  1. Slapping award show hosts in the face: sorry, Chris.
  2. Netflix’s new show Baking Impossible: ANYTHING CAN BE CAKE.
  3. Talking like a pirate: it be the only thing keeping me from existential dread, me hearty.
  4. Not slapping award show hosts in the face: sorry, Will.
  5. The second season of Bridgerton: Anthony Bridgerton… I am looking respectfully 👀
  6. Ignoring the haters: you do you, baby.
  7. Undone on Amazon Prime: get obsessed with this trippy, genre-defying show before season two comes out.
  8. Denzel Curry’s newest album Melt My Eyez See Your Future: not all masterpieces have understandable titles…
  9. Alfred Hitchock’s Vertigo: an oldie but a goodie.
  10. Buying a damn watch: checking your phone for the time is sooooo 2021.

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