Letter from the Editors (Apr. 17, 2022)

Hey you,

It’s good to see you again. And your legs. And the birds.

What have I been doing?

Missing you, mainly. Singing hymns. Picking flowers. I also had sex this one time. 

Winter was cold. We would go to class at three and fifty minutes later, it would be midnight. The ground was littered with snowflakes and cigarettes. The century was the twenty first.

Do you still listen to that song? The one we found in the cruise buffet near the Lo Mein? Do you still dance with the Pope when he visits? Do you still know how to read?

Here’s something I thought you’d like:

It’s the Herald. In Culture, Josh Atwater, TD ’24, writes about Yale’s new on-campus bar, The Well, and explores the relationship between Yale administration and campus life. In Reviews, Ronak Gandhi, MC ’22, reviews the movie, The Batman, highlighting its treatment of topics including income, racial inequity, and political corruption. Finally, in Voices, Etai Smotrich-Barr, DC ’25, shares a poem of love and serenity set in an imagined library. 

So hold on to that. Fold the pages into paper cranes. Let the words run down your ear canals. 

I love you baby. And not just your body. But I love that too. 

Always have and always will,
Kiran & Rafaela
Culture Editors

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