Harold Recommends (Sept. 22, 2022)

  1. Dated and Related on Netflix: who doesn’t like spitting game in front of their siblings??
  2. Pro-con lists: for when everything else in your life is way too multidimensional.
  3. Rick and Morty Season 6: for when everything else in your life isn’t multidimensional enough.
  4. Dad jokes: I’d crack one about pizza, but that would be too cheesy…
  5. Donald Glover’s Atlanta Season 4: Did you know that Childish Gambino has a twin brother??
  6. Warmies stuffed animals: a friend you can put in the microwave.
  7. Lyfë by future Grammy winner Yeat: suit up for the listen!
  8. Running your grandma’s eHarmony account: now I ain’t saying I’m a gold digger…
  9. Keeping your phone caps-lock on: you’re an adult. C’mon. 
  10. Don’t Worry Darling: watch for the drama, not the plot. 

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