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Hot & Not is Hailey O’Connor’s (PC ’24) Massie Block-style assessment of what’s hot and what’s not each week. 


The boy that stands in front of Sterling Memorial Library with a “free listening” poster—definitely hot. He’s “not a therapist, just a friendly stranger.” First of all, I’ve always treated strangers as my therapist; this is literally why I have a column. I have a relentless desire to air my dirty laundry in a public forum. 

Out of experiential curiosity and journalistic pursuit, a friend and I went to talk to this boy. We chatted about boys and parties and drinking—and we left the conversation feeling judged. He was clearly not an ally to the cause (always being right, always hating men), so I don’t think he liked us very much. Nevertheless, we asked for advice we didn’t want to hear. He tried to be just a neutral “listener”—a Switzerland, one might say—and I determined that he should not be a therapist. But I appreciate the cause, so he still qualifies as hot. 


Why is trivia at Old Heidelberg so hard? Why is trivia—in general—so hard? 

To begin, I truly think trivia caters towards men who watch 4+ hours of ESPN, daily. No, I did not know that the Buffalo Bills are 0-4 in the Superbowl. How would I know that? Not only do the questions cater to men, they also cater to old(er) people. Trivia spans several eras of time; I simply don’t have enough life experience to answer the questions. Obviously, I don’t know this niche Madonna song from the 80s. I am a mere 21 years old. 

They should ask where Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earring (Bora Bora) or the name of Selena Gomez’s cosmetic brand (Rare Beauty). Please, target my demographic and let me win!

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