Harold Recommends (Sept. 22, 2022)

  1. Green room decor: who said the dining hall plants were meant to stay there…
  2. The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5: free Offred!
  3. Leaving your laundry in the machine for absurd periods of time: free socks!
  4. The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix: people have been EATING it up.
  5. Commons cups: Robin Hood didn’t do it in a day…
  6. Family Guy Season 21: they’re still making this show?
  7. Tattoos in obscure places: keep ’em guessing 😏
  8. Lofted beds: who doesn’t like living on the edge?
  9. Super realistic dreams: did you go to office hours in your underwear? 
  10. Watering your plants: if you’re gonna do it, go all the way…

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