Hot or Not

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I have been a Panera fan my whole life. In high school, I worked there for nearly three years—the fact that I still love it means something. The sandwiches have always been mid and overpriced. The salads are delicious, but not always the freshest. I suppose you all know what I am about to say: Panera Soup. Specifically, Panera’s Creamy Tomato Soup with extra croutons. Unless, of course, the tomato soup is in a bread bowl. Only then is the normal serving size of croutons adequate. 

I find it hard to have comfort food in New Haven. The dining halls are always nutritionally upsetting, and I don’t have a kitchen to cook for myself. That leaves me with takeout, which never gives the “homiest” vibes. And yet, Panera’s Creamy Tomato Soup with crunchy croutons does it for me. And, above all, the soup is certainly hot. 


Why doesn’t Atticus have a points system? No Snackpass, no punch cards—so why am I here? Day after day, I stop into Atticus to get a French Toast Latte (I have recently made the transition from iced to hot). If I’m feeling particularly happy, I will also get a piece of bread for a whopping $0.75. I can’t believe how much of a steal that is!

But, at the end of my checkout, what am I gaining from this order? Delicious food and drink, perhaps. But it’s not enough. I want points.

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