Harold Recommends (Oct. 6, 2022)

  1. Hoarding Snackpass coins: those chicks aren’t gonna dress themselves!
  2. Running your fashion choices by literally anyone: we miss the old Kanye…
  3. The Arctic Monkeys’ new song Body Paint: a listen a day keeps the paintball shooters away!
  4. Four-year-old edibles: if you were wondering, they do still work.  
  5. Steve Lacy’s Apollo XXI: break that bad habit of only listening to Bad Habit…
  6. Smino and J. Cole’s new single 90 Proof: it is illegal to consume alcohol under the age of 21 in the state of Connecticut.
  7. The New Haven Night Market on 10/14: who cares if the freaks come out at night?
  8. Investing in a good vibrator: it’s either that or Steve from JE… 
  9. Talking across bathroom stalls: where you can gripe and wipe at the same time.
  10. Deodorant: @ the Yale Record.

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