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Right before I started typing this, I paused: Should I gatekeep? Do I want to keep this little location a secret? Then, I realized that I am not special. I am not the first person to discover Haas Library. It is a public space—not a hidden gem. 

At Haas, you can sit near large windows; this is perfect to fight off seasonal depression. There are also white noise machines located throughout the library. White noise soothes my soul and quiets my thoughts, so I always feel quite zen in Haas. I am also partial to the bright orange carpets because orange is my favorite color. 

The final advantage of Haas over any other library is that it is quite close to Pierson, and I cannot be more than 500 feet from my room at all times. 


I didn’t want to write about the weather. I really didn’t. But right now, the weather is the only thing ruining my life. 

I can hardly take issue with the fact that many of the residential colleges haven’t turned on their heating systems. It’s early October—we should be able to wear sweatshirts in the dorm and be cozy! It truly is too early to turn on the heat! And yet, my feet are so cold that I had to order fuzzy socks. 

If inside the dorms is brutal, stepping outside is miserable. It’s wet and dreary. “British weather,” as one of my professors dubbed it. I have never been to England, but if the weather is like this, I don’t think I ever will.

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