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With every passing week, my appreciation for once-a-week seminars grows. While the readings in the interim may be copious, the time I spend in class is limited. This may just be the only perk of long seminars. Most days, I just walk into my once-a-week seminars and shoot the shit, chit-chatting about the vibes I got from the week’s readings. 

Anyway, the less time I have to face the public, the better. I also don’t have classes on Thursdays and Fridays. Wins all around. 

Sure, the seminars are long. But what is a 110-minute seminar compared to walking up Science Hill three times a week? My light stroll to LC gives me little time to dread the impending class period. In fact, I think I might love my classes just a bit more because I only have to see my classmates once a week. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  


I really miss the Ivy. There aren’t any late-night spots to use my Flex Plan dining points. I am rapidly learning that the Flex Plan is not as flexible as I might have thought. I only have fourteen meals a week, 300 points a semester, and a crippling need to order mini chicken tacos. 

“Staffing Shortage.” Sounds legit, but I find that my need for late-night food is also legit. I really believe that kiosk ordering was a great business model. Ordering food from a knock-off iPad increases deliciousness! Students would also get receipts, which was nice for a hard-copy reference of however many dining points you might have on your account. I am not sure what needs to be done, but bring the Ivy back!

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